Attractive looking collocates with good sound quality?

2020-08-07 15:44 admin

Living in a busy city

we are gradually learned to enjoy in the noise.
Different people have their own different ways, some people choose to wear headphones and isolates himself temporarily from the people passing.

Here I would like to recommend GS - E2 Bluetooth headset, having both good looking and inner beauty as well as a wayward price! Next, let's take a look at the headphone. In late 2016, Gorsun has introduced a new Bluetooth headset E2. E2, bringing together internationally advanced personalized designs, is the ideal partner of music lovers.

Sincere work. Exquisite packaging.

Gorsun's products may appear a minimalist and unique eye-catching design at first sight. GS - E2 adopts contracted heaven-and-earth packaging style. Open it, here is a delicate storage bag. Inside the bag, we could see a special waterproof headphone bag. The headphone bag employs cloth material to build a better supporting performance. The attachments are an absolute sincerity.

Adjustable design. Be your personal customized headphones.

E2 supra-aural Bluetooth headset adopts Gorsun's integral design style, whose line is concise and comfortable.The adjustable head band design is also very friendly for users. Yep, you'll never encounter an awkward situation with the head too big or too small. You can adjust the headphone to meet your own needs. Gorsun's headphone is the joyous news to the obsessive and those who pay much attention to details. Every small part is interpreting what is called "details". Even the metal stretching arms connecting head hoop and earmuffs are brought together the essence of simplicity design concept. In order to make stretching arm strong , E2 headset adopted high precision powder metallurgy process. Powder metal is processing after more than 10 times, and finally realized the elegant and powerful design.

In the cross shaft, Headphones has realized a triple multi-angle folding of* 15 ° * 135 °* 95 °, which means you can deflect metal arm, let the earphone place flat. It is easy for your storage.

No oppressive feeling. Comfortable to wear without burden.

When mentioning headsets, many people are concerned about the questions: will the headset be too heavy? Is it wearing comfortably? E2 adopts imported protein leather with excellent permeability inert memory foam to let the ears free from oppressive feeling and to bring unprecedented comfortable experience. In terms of weight, E2 almost did the best. The light weight will not cause discomfort even if you wear the headset for a long time.

Diversified features. Do more for you.
E2 is not only a good-looking ordinary headphone, it is also the product of intelligent technology. Wear the headphone and you can stay away from the noise around to a certain extent but would not leave you feeling isolated from the world like the noise reduction headphones. At the same time, Gorsun's E2 Bluetooth Headset also supports the cable connection. Its 3.5 mm interface is compatible with almost all smart phones, so the headset could continue to play music when it is out of power. It adopts Micro - USB charging, charging completed for less than 2 hours. After opening, it can play music continuously for 12 hours, and the longest standby time can be up to 45 days. E2 supports NFC speed matching function. It can match with mobile phones with NFC function, or can answer the phone after long press the Bluetooth button until connects Bluetooth successfully.The headset can also connect two devices, so you can enjoy music together with him/her. Adjust the volume and select songs by pressing the Up or Down Volume keys in the metal surface. All of these let you stay away from the annoying noise but won't miss any important information at the same time. Experience the real freedom.
Present perfect sound.
Bluetooth headsets' sound quality is always not so good enough. How is E2? As a seasoned professional acoustic team, Gorsun made E2 found the perfect balance between good quality performance and the noise reduction function. E2 Bluetooth Headset possesses two customized 40 mm moving coil unit and cleverly fits with acoustic cavity design to present iconic pure music from Gorsun's headset. Frequency response ranges from 20 to 20 KHZ. A wider frequency response range makes E2 play high fidelity music and a better sound.

Headphones sensitivity is up to 102 db/mW. A high sensitivity can better drive two 40 mm moving coil unit and bring better sound and tune style. After a period of burn-in, E2 Bluetooth headset can balance the three frequency - bass is rich and full of strength, mids and highs are clear and bright and full of softness. When the headset is playing music, the low distortion, excellent transient and wide frequency response realizes exquisite natural playback of audio source.


Today, black and white E2 headsets will put on sale at the same time. Mysterious? Or composed? Now you can choose your own style.
HIFI-class dual chamber designed metal Bluetooth headset cooperates with the PEL sound film, highly restoring true voice!