LIVE! 2017 Hong Kong Global Sources Fair

2020-08-07 15:42 超级无敌小霸王

2017 Hong Kong Global Sources Fair starts in AsiaWorld-Expo on April 18



As a prestigious event,
Hong Kong Global Sources Fair is still hot,
attracting countless attention.
Gorsun, as expected,made its booth become a dazzling star.


Global Sources Exhibitions



Since its open in Hong Kong in 2005, Global Sources Fair has become one of Asia's leading exhibition after 10 years of rapid development and has become the ideal platform where tens of thousands of international buyers meet suppliers of China and of other Asian region as well as purchase high quality products.

The fair has received numerous attention and support of domestic and international mainstream media and industry media, who, together with Global Sources, become power to promote innovation and progress of China's consumer electronics, household items, gifts, fashion and accessories industry!







In the fair,
Gorsun has brought a big surprise for the industry peers,
foreign buyers, domestic dealers, and the media. 
Don't miss such a wonderful show,
Don't need regretting even if you have not went to the scene.
Please watch the live report.


Fashion products appeared in the fair.

The world's largest mobile electronic products procurement fair focused on the emerging and rapidly growing product categories, including virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR), sports and health and wearable, speaker and headset, wireless charging, computer bags and mobile phone shell, smart phones and tablets, etc.

The electronics fair is expected to attract more than 60000 buyers from 150 countries and regions.
Experience and show zone



Virtual reality and gaming experience zone


Intelligent life exhibition zone


Electronic scooter car test drive zone


New generation of electronic components zone



Gorsun's turning up in Hong Kong Global Sources Fair shows domestic peripherals charm.Gorsun made fashion running through the image design of "fresh and simple", presenting the charm of science and technology and creating excellent environment to make Gorsun become the headphones industry focus in 2017 Global Sources Fair.



Gorsun's booth. The fashion design brings exhibitors distinguished extraordinary procurement experience!





Hot scene! Gorsun has received widespread attention from lots of exhibitors.







Gorsun's booth attracted many buyers from all over the world.




Gorsun has been expanding overseas market for a long time and has been developing rapidly in North American, Western Europe and other countries and regions.

It has formed a long-term relationship of cooperation with numerous domestic and international well-known IT and digital audio.

Gorsun is marching towards the world with self-owned brand.


More new products, more highlights.


Gorsun appeared at the fair with Bluetooth headset, intelligent music headphones and other products.The products assemble the electroacoustic technology, material technology, mold engineering technology, etc., intermingling various design concepts and innovative concept to capture the global popular element.



Wonderful show continues...
The brand, fond of fashion, based on the high-end and with a global perspective, is growing all around the world.
A dream that belongs to Gorsun is achieving step by step.

Gorsun will also never forget the pursuit of supreme quality to meet your various needs and to provide more comprehensive services. 


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